Who ever thought that the more friends you have on facebook, the more anxiety you get? I know, it sounds crazy! Ever since facebook was started, it has made so many changes dealing with privacy matters, that it has caused so much stress for the people using it. Such as being friends with someone and posting something you didn’t want the whole world to see.That can be stressful.  When you befriend that person and knowing that person want disclose everything you might say, still doesn’t quite make your profile private. There has been a setting on there where you privatize your whole profile. Well, now there is a setting that you hide certain posts from certain people, or you can just hide certain posts from either all of your friends or maybe a certain family member. It can get confusing if you don’t watch your profile. I guess because since you don’t own it or buy it, then facebook can do whatever they want to on everyone’s profile. If you don’t want a certain person looking at your profile period, you can block that person. Well, how do you know if that person is even who you think they are? Did you know, that when you go mobile on facebook, once you put your number in, you have to make sure you hide your number or all your “friends” can see it? Crazy! What if you are friends with someone and you don’t like one of their friends? What if you say something? You know your friend and their friends are gonna see it? I have people ask me how to edit their profile and tell you the truth, there really isn’t a real way to do that.  A lot of people have lost their jobs over facebook post. Here are some helpful tips:

  • If you just started a new job and you have just gotten to know a few of the employees you work with, do not be friends with them unless you don’t care enough about losing your job. (There is bound to be someone who would love to take your position).
  • If you do post about your job, don’t post about drinking or anything to that nature. This is one of the reasons why people do loose their jobs, due to what they did the night before or whatever.
  • If you are not sure of your current settings, or if you constantly check your settings and still are not sure? Don’t make negative comments or sayings towards someone, IF you do not want to get out.
  • Always check and see who your friends are friends with. You can check to see who they are friends with by typing in their names. Make sure you have your posts set on just “friends”, not “friends of friends”. But, the only thing about that is, Most people deactivate their accounts. Just because a friend deactivates their account, doesn’t mean they can’t go back and reactivate to catch up on what you say about whatever.
  • This goes for photos, if you post any nude or obscene photos, you better make sure you have your privacy setting on “only me” to see. I wouldn’t post no pictures like that anyways, because you don’t know who might know your password.
  • Speaking of passwords, do not log in and don’t log out of someone else’s computer. Always keep your password private and long, including numbers in the password. Even if you just boyfriend or girlfriend with someone, do not give it out. If you are married, under a seperation, you will be screwed if you don’t get another email address to sign back into facebook.
  • Subscribing-facebook now allows other people to click on your profile and subscribe you without you knowing it or being friends with you. Yikes! So, make sure you do not allow subscription.
  • Family members: If you befriend a family member and you post something with bad language, you better make sure you go to your post box setting button, and click hide this form certain people and type in their name. I learned my lesson on this one!

Point being, either you keep check on your settings and who your friends are friends with, change your password every 6 months or so, or just simply don’t use facebook at all. If you find this helpful, then post comments to my blog and share!